21 Mar 2021

One of the most commonly used methods, the AstellBio batch EDS system consists of two or more tanks, working on a run-standby system. When the first tank has reached a preset level, sterilization will begin and the second tank will switch to collecting any further waste. Upon sterilization completion, the first tank is emptied and will sit idle until tank two is full and begins sterilization. In this way, collection of effluent is not delayed whilst sterilization is being performed in one of the tanks.

Effluent types vary for each project, but typically treatable effluent sources will include:

  • Tap water from sinks and wash basins
  • Water from washroom facilities within a containment area
  • Sanitary installations such as toilets
  • Water from showers and other cleaning facilities in the containment area
  • Any exhaust/water from sterilizers used within the Category 3 area

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