Alla France

A wide selection of thermometers, hydrometer, digital thermometer to choose from.

The hydrometer market is a niche market. With more than 500,000 units produced per year, we are certainly the leading manufacturer in the West.

The thermometer is the second bestselling measuring instrument in the world, after the manometer (pressure gauge). The market is difficult to assess because it covers many different applications such as medicine, air conditioning, industry, laboratory and everyday cooking.


ALLA FRANCE is mainly positioned in the industrial laboratory sector.

During these last few years, the economic context has been slowing our growth but we are coping decently by applying a simple motto: "take a maximum of risks with a maximum of precautions". The trading activity (purchase/resale operations) has been taking a more and more significant place until reaching more than 60 % of our sales since 2014.

Despite these figures, production still plays an important part in our growth strategy. Our manufacturing resources enable us to offer sustainable, quality products and to absorb additional volumes to export all over the world.


Thanks to the automation systems we have developed internally, our production processes are quite advanced compared to our competitors’. The low cost manufacturing countries like China are beginning to experience social progress, which goes hand in hand with payroll increases, leading to reduced price differences .

Our long experience is the result of a permanent compromise between know-how and modernity, the main guarantees of which are a competent staff and regular investments in R&D, that represent more than 5% of our turnover.

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