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13 Nov 2020


WHEATON® is a distinguished brand of premium container solutions for scientific, industrial and

packaging applications. It is characterized by decades of experience in manufacturing and customization

of glass and plastic containers. The product offering is complemented by a range of instruments and

apparatus as well as value added services like customer specific product configuration, cleaning and sterilization



The most comprehensive line of ampules, vials and accessories for the laboratory research and packaging market.

Manufactured from low potassium borosilicate glass, PET and HPDE, the WHEATON line of vials are the most

diverse in the industry. Top vial selections include Liquid Scintillation Vial, Sample Vials, High Recovery Vials,

Serum Vials and CryoELITE Vials.

WHEATON® Glass Bottles

General purpose glass bottles are manufactured from soda-lime glass that conforms to USP Type III requirements.

Suitable for a wide range of applications. Excellent chemical resistance; good for mild acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols,

oils and aqueous products. Not suitable for active hydrocarbons and bleaches. Top glass bottle selections include

French Square Bottle, Boston Round Bottle, Valumetric™ Graduated Bottle, Media Bottles, Media Bottle, Lab 45™ 

and Wide Mouth Packer Bottle.

WHEATON® Plastic Bottles

Plastic containers are used for a variety of applications across many different research segments. Polymers offer a variety

of properties, which may provide flexibility, depending on the application, product formula or filling process; therefore, we offer

economical containers as well as stronger, autoclavable, transparent and sterilized containers. Top plastic bottle selections

include Leak Resistant Bottle, Cylinder Round Bottle, Wide Mouth Blake Packer, Sterile PETG Media Bottles, Wide Mouth

Container, Polypropylene and Sterile PET Media Bottle.

WHEATON® Caps and Closures

Complete your package with the right closure. WHEATON provides a wide variety of caps, seals and stoppers to ensure a perfect

fit for your container. We offer closures suited for a wide range of applications, products that include aluminum seals, Microlink® caps,

rubber stoppers and screw caps.

WHEATON® Chromatography Vials

Created to supply autosampler vials and consumables for the industry’s leading autosamplers. MicroLiter® is a brand by

WHEATON that offers products with proven stable performance, in order to avoid those products that had a wide range of tolerances,

which could impede the performance of the autosampler. MicroLiter® has formatted the vials in ways that allow for a more

efficient transfer of samples from the prep lab to the autosampler. We realize that the MicroLiter® vials hold the most expensive

solutions produced by the lab, so we ensure that they meet your specific needs. This portfolio of products offers chromatography

vials, caps with and without septum as well as convenient kits for your sampling workflow.




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