Indicating Paper, Dolphin

Indicator Paper, Dolphin

An assortment of Indicator papers in strip form, size 10 x 65 mm. Each booklet contains 20 leaves and 5 booklets packed in a box.


Brand                                    Reference                            Description                                      Std/Pack                          
HEMC LPP-11-146-01 Bromocresol Green                 100
HEMC LPP-11-146-02 Bromocresol Blue 100 
HEMC  LPP-11-146-03  Cobalt Chloride  100 
HEMC  LPP-11-146-04  Congo Red  100 
HEMC  LPP-11-146-05  Lead Acetate  100 
HEMC  LPP-11-146-06 Phenol Red  100 
HEMC  LPP-11-146-07  Potassium Iodide  100 
HEMC  LPP-11-146-08  Starch  100 
HEMC  LPP-11-146-09  Starch Iodide  100 
HEMC  LPP-11-146-10  Turmeric  100

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