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KUMPULAN SAINTIFIK F.E. SDN BHD (KSFE) distributes and trade wide-ranging technical grade / industrial chemical, specialty chemicals, solvents, food grades, pharma grades as per listing below. 

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Acetic Acid Glacial Borax Decahydrate Cupric Chloride
Activated Carbon Borax Pentahydrate Di Ammonium Phosphate
Alacid Casein Boric Acid Diatomite
Aluminium Sulphate Calcium Carbonate EDTA Salt
Ammonia Gas Calcium Chloride Ferric Chloride
Ammonia Solution Calcium Hypochlorite Ferric Nitrate
Ammonium Bifluoride Calcium Nitrate Ferrous Sulphate
Ammonium Chloride Calcium Sulphate Fluoboric Acid
Ammonium Nitrate China Clay Formalin
Ammonium Persulphate Chloroform Formic Acid
Ammonium Sulphate Chromic Acid Glycerin
Antifoaming Agent Citric Acid Hydrated Lime
Barium Carbonate CMC Hydrochloric Acid
Barium Sulphate Copper Cyanide Hydrofluoric Acid
Bentonite Clay Copper Sulphate Hydrogen Peroxide
Benzonic Acid BP Chlorinated Paraffin Iodine


Magnesium Chloride Polymer Cat-Ionic Sod. Hypochlorite
Magnesium Oxide Polymer N-Ionic Sod. Hyposulphite
Magnesium Sulphate Potassium Carbonate Sod. Laurly Sulphate
Mono Amm. Phosphate Potassium Chloride Sod. Metabisulphite
Mono Potassium Phosphate Potassium Copper Cyanide Sod. Metasilicate
Mono Sodium Phosphate Potassium Cyanide Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous / Soda Ash Light, Heavy
Nickel Carbonate Potassium Dichromate Sodium Acetate
Nickel Chloride Potassium Hydroxide Sodium Aluminate
Nickel S Round Potassium Nitrate Sodium Bicarbonate
Nickel Sulphamate Potassium Oleate Sodium Bifluoride
Nickel Sulphate Potassium Permanganate Sodium Bisulfate
Nitric Acid Potassium Sulphate Sodium Chlorate
Oxalic Acid Potassium Iodate (Food Grade) Sodium Chloride
Phosphoric Acid Sod. Hydrosulphite Sodium Citrate
Poly Ammonium Chloride Sod. Hydroxide Sodium Cyanide


Silica Gel Strontium Carbonate
Sodium Dichromate Succinic Acid
Sodium Gluconate Sulfamic Acid
Sodium Hypophosphite Sulphur Powder
Sodium Nitrate Sulphuric Acid
Sodium Nitrite Talcum Powder
Sodium Persulphate Tartaric Acid
Sodium Phosphate Tetrasodium Phosphate
Sodium Silicate Thiourea
Sodium Sulphate Trisodium Citrate
Sodium Sulphide Trisodium Phosphate
Sodium Sulphite Urea
Sodium Thiosulphate Zinc Chloride
Sodium Tripolyphosphate Zinc Oxide
Stannous Sulphate Zinc Powder
Stearic Acid Zinc Sulphate



Acetone Ethylene Glycol (Mono) PGMEA
Butyl Acetate Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether Phenol
Butyl Alcohol Exxsol D40 Fluid PM
Butyl Carbitol Formalin Propylene Glycol (PG) USP / Technical
Butyl Cellosolve Hexane Trichloroethylene
Chloroform Iso Butanol Tetrahydrofuran
Cycloheaxanone Iso Prophyl Alcohol Toluene
Cyclohexane Isophorone Trichloroethylene
Denatured Ethyl Alcohol M.I.B.K Triethylene Glycol
Di Methyl Formamide Methanol 111 Trichloroethane
Diacetone Alcohol Methyl Ethyl Ketone Turpentine
Diethylene Glycol Methylene Chloride Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM)
DOP Normal Butanol White Oil
Dovesol 3040 Normal Propanol White Spirit
Ethyl Acetate Perchloroethylene  Xylene