Introducing LAUDA Hydro Water Bath

05 May 2021

Introducing LAUDA Hydro water baths. Brought to you by KUMPULAN SAINTIFIK F.E. SDN BHD - Authorised distributor in Malaysia.

The LAUDA Hydro water bath range comprises six water baths, two water baths with a circulating function as well as three shaking water baths.They are reliable, virtually maintenance-free and ideally equipped for continuous operation in the laboratory. The LAUDA Hydro product line also includes vaporization water baths and a paraffin stretching bath.

Let's have a look at the new LAUDA Hydro water bath!

All the LAUDA Hydro water bath comes with bath volume from 4 to 41 litres, with high quality stainless steel interior, providing the suitable bath depth and opening for every applications in the laboratory. All water baths have a temperature range from 25 to 100 °C with a temperature stability of ±0.1 K, so that applications in the boiling range are also possible. A TFT colour display ensures intuitive operation with a temperature display in °C and °F.

Here are some applications examples:

- Preparation of cellular, biological or medical samples

- Incubation of microbiological tests

- Preparation of environmetal samples

- Defrosting of samples

- Conducting of chemical reactions

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