How to make an Autoclave more energy efficient?

17 Nov 2020

Where specifically can the biggest energy savings be made?

Making sure the autoclave is only used when it is full to capacity is the best way to make energy savings; If your autoclave can hold thirty Duran bottles and you only autoclave one bottle, around 97% of your potentially useful energy is wasted. This also highlights why you don’t want an autoclave that is too big for your needs. At the other end of the spectrum, if the autoclave is too small you might need to run more loads; More loads mean more energy is wasted heating and cooling the autoclave.

In short, organisations need autoclaves that are designed to meet their specific requirements. The more “one size fits all” the design of the autoclave, the less it has been designed for the company’s needs. The less the autoclave is designed to fit a business’s specific needs, the greater the possibility of inefficient use. This is why we provide so many variations in models, options, and chamber sizes.

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