Socorex Isba SA is often referred to as just Socorex, the name under which it was first founded in the late 1940's. Today's manufacturing programme includes a wide variety of high precision instruments used for reliably measuring, dosing, transferring, dispensing and injecting liquids in a large number of applications. Manual and electronic micropipettesmultichanel pipettorsrepeater pipettesdispenserspipette controllers and re-usable syringes, together with their accessories, constitute the heart of the programme. Each precision instrument bears its own serial number and passes a strict performance control attested by an individual QC certificate. "One stop does all" is the moto of the Socorex Service Center offering a global repair and calibration programme. The choice ranges from basic maintenance to accredited calibrations of all micropipettes and dispensers according to ISO 17025 - whatever their brand.

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